Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Beer Mapping

I was reading my friend Heather's latest post where she mapped all the breweries she's been to in the past two months. It made me want to map all the breweries I've ever been to. There are breweries and meaderies in both the Czech Republic and Switzerland that I'll never remember the names of, so I'm short a few. But otherwise the grand tally comes to 66 breweries with 16 of those having been in the last month.

View Breweries Visited in a larger map

It might be weird to some that I'm disappointed by this number, I honestly thought there'd be more. But at the same time there's been some great memories tied to certain brewery visits. 

Here are some random facts about the map:

  • I've been to 35 states but have only been to breweries in 11 states. 
  • I've been to California five times in the last seven years. While I've drank plenty of beer in California, I somehow missed out on visiting a single brewery. 
  • I've been to more breweries in Colorado than in my home state of Massachusetts. 
  • 24% (16) of the breweries visited have been brew pubs. 
  • I've been to more breweries west of the Mississippi than east
  • I've been to breweries in eight countries, but I've drank beer in 20 countries. (zoom out to see)
  • None of those countries were Belgium.

It took me eight years to see and drink at 66 breweries and I'm looking forward to all the future brewery visits. I'm sure that's what Mark Twain was thinking of when he said "Explore. Dream. Discover."