Below is the general trajectory of where I plan to travel. I did use specific breweries that I look forward to visiting as markers. However, I will be visiting many more breweries than what you see here.

I'm always looking for route suggestions and recommendations. This is just my rough draft. Feel free to leave a comment and let me know where to go or email me at: BikingForBeer [@]

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I have a few trouble spots that could definitely use some help.

I'm very much looking forward to Ohio - Indiana - Michigan - Wisconsin - Minnesota part of the trip because there's so much to try, and I've never been before. However, it looks like I'll have to do lots of backtracking, which isn't always a bad thing, but I could use some pointers and recommendations for logical bike routes. I know there's lots out there and I expect to spend a good chunk of my time in this area.

Leaving Colorado - I could go:
-south and see Arizona and work my way up the California coast,
-Straight across the desserts (please god no)
-Wyoming to Montana to Seattle. Montana is one of my all time favorite states and I'd like to add it in and possibly do some Glacier National Park hiking while there. This would allow me to jump on part of the Trans-America trail too.
-Idaho to Seattle. Misses Jackson Hole, and I'm not sure what bike routes or gigantic mountains stand in my way from here. But I've heard good things about cutting through eastern Oregon.

Seattle to Portland (maybe Bend) to San Francisco has always sounded great but I've heard the coastal trail gets very busy. Is there a better route with equal accessibility to the wonderful breweries along the way?

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